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Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric condition that shouldn’t be taken lightly because if not taken care off can lead someone to commit suicide. When a person has this disorder they have continuous ups and downs that could be caused by various reasons with each reason being different from one person to another.

Doctors have discovered that the cause can be neurotransmitters that is inequity in a folks brain with no clear reason why this happens. A lot of individuals become bipolar reason being they get stressed many times which then brings about depression. Others receive the disease from their past family that has been passed on to the current generation.

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Research states that if some of your close relatives has received this disorder then the chances are extremely high that you will acquire this disease. Although not everyone that has had a relative with bipolar depression will be bipolar having one increases the chances of you also receiving the illness.

The Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation made a research about how precisely a families history has a task deliberating if one can become bipolar. Their research found out that when one’s parent has this disorder the chances of your child getting this disease as well is 15 to 30 percent. And when two parents had or have this condition then the chances increase 50 to 75 %. With this research recently been done its crucial to stress that even if your family doesn’t have a history of bipolar depression one can still be damaged because of it.

The things that happen in our day to day lives may also cause one to be depressed and then lead to manic disorder. Below are some known occurrences that can put someone at risk of getting this condition. These include:

– When ever ones health is not good for a period of time
– Being scared for a particular situation
– The death of a loved one such as a family member
– Using too much drugs like marijuana and cocaine
– Not receiving enough sleep
– Having no goals you desire to pursue

Learning the cause of this dreadful condition is the first step to managing and with time removing it. Living a healthy life is advised for people who suffer from this illness. Family plays a huge role in assisting one with this disease so they must support the victim all the way up and one should also utilize bipolar depression support groups.

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